Teach better lessons

Imvoto is a tool for teachers to create questions and assess students' learning using their mobile devices.

About Imvoto

We know great teaching.

To teach effectively, you need a rock-solid grasp of your students' understanding.

This is why we created Imvoto.

When you know your students, you can teach better lessons.

We make assessment simple.

Effective assessment must be immediate, so you can address any misconceptions you uncover.

We know the importance of student engagement and the benefits of students taking responsibility for their own learning. Imvoto draws even the most reluctant student into the discussion.

We love technology.

We're not fussy what students use. They can download our Android, iOS or Windows 8 apps. Or they can use a modern web browser. They can learn using their own device, or one provided by their school.


Plan your assessments

  • Write new questions and share them
  • Discover and re-use other teachers' questions
  • Include images, video, audio or LaTeX in your questions
  • Multiple-choice or free-reponse questions, including answers like fractions or equations

Teach in your style

  • Real-time feedback for teachers and students
  • Project student responses for class discussion
  • Differentiated questions based on pupil responses
  • Project student photographs of written work to focus on method, not just final answers

Multi-device learning

  • Supports Assessment for Learning practices
  • App for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8
  • Website for laptops and other devices

Getting started

How Imvoto works

1Create a collection

These are collections of questions that you, or other teachers have written.

2Add some users

Create groups and add students to them.

3Make an assessment

Each time you use a collection with a group, you create an assessment. See how your students are getting on.