Author: Jamie

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We were asked to allow multiple correct answers for free response questions. So we’ve added this feature to Imvoto and now it’s ready for you to use. To add alternative answers, simply click on the green button. Imvoto treats each answer as equally valid: none is considered better than the others. Would you like us to […]

The screenshots in this post show an exciting new feature you can now use with your students: we have extended questions to allow them to have multiple responses. They are displayed on students’ devices as a templated response, allowing you to ask questions whose answer has a customary way of being laying out. This will […]

This is a more general version of our right-angled triangle template: it allows you to quickly generate an image representing a triangle, for example: For the background to these templates, read our introductory article. The template The template includes labels for: the three vertices, defaulting to `A`, `B`, and `C` the three angles, whilst GeoGebra calculates […]

Create diagrams to support integration questions in a flash… we present our area under a curve template. This template takes a single function, an upper and lower limit of integration, and spits out a beautiful diagram like this: For the background to these templates, read our introductory article. No screencast this time! We may well make […]

This is the first in a series of mathematical diagram templates we are releasing over the coming days to support teachers writing questions for Imvoto. However, you’re welcome to use these templates however you wish: we find them invaluable for creating homework sheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc. For the background to these templates, read our introductory […]

When we started developing Imvoto, thinking about how we would create mathematical diagrams became a major focus. The goal was to be able to recreate diagrams of the same style as our favourite textbooks: clean, crisp graphics such as those below: Except, of course, that we have an additional constraint: Imvoto questions need to be […]