Mapping questions to topics


Head of mathematics and co-creator of Imvoto

One of our core goals when we decided to create Imvoto was to allow teachers to share great questions with each other. We want to ensure that your questions have impact beyond the walls of your classroom: your work can enhance the learning of many more students than the thirty-odd in front of you.

We’ve now made it even easier to find a master of questions on a topic you want to teach with our topic mappings.

On the masters page you’ll see two buttons: topics and favourite topics.

Clicking on topics will show you the top level subjects. These are anglocentric at the present time: international versions (eg, Common Core) are in the pipeline.

As you select progressively more precise topics, the list of masters with questions on those topics will narrow and be shown under the list of topics.


Favourite topics

In a given year, most of us will only teach a limited number of topics from our subject. For example, this year I’m not teaching statistics, but I am teaching decision maths. Clicking on the heart next to a topic will make it one of your favourites. This gives you easy access to the topics you use the most from your favourite topics button.

How your questions get mapped

At the moment, one of our editors maps new masters as they get created. In time, you’ll be able to do this for yourself. We’ll update this page and let you know when we have added this feature.