Showing progress in Imvoto: An introduction


Head of mathematics and co-creator of Imvoto

We collected feedback from many of you about what you want in terms of viewing the progress of pupils within a lesson. We want you to have immediate insight into assessment data allowing you to intervene and change your lesson accordingly.

Two related, but quite different, needs came out:

  1. You want to see how the whole class is getting on. Are there particular questions causing difficulty that the whole class should discuss?
  2. You want to see how individual students are getting on. Is anyone struggling or flying ahead?

We’re really happy with our new students tab as it lets you see both of these things from a single screen. The key below will help you interpret the different colours of the progress bars as well as the answers submitted by your students.


The image below shows a few students part-way through a real lesson about adding fractions.

Screen-Shot-2014-06-17-at-21.10.29 He is what we can read into the progress of these students part way through the lesson:

  • Darius and Shauna (not their real names) haven’t completed many questions. Scanning across to the right shows that they didn’t answer the ‘A’ starter or the introductory ‘B’ questions. (This was because they were late to the lesson.)
  • Trudy has got most questions correct, but she’s still only a little over halfway through the questions. She has repeated a few questions because she got them wrong first time. There’s still a few questions (eg the red blocks at ‘B3′ and ‘B4′)  she hasn’t been able to answer correctly. Question ‘B3′ she’s got wrong twice now.
  • Cleo also missed the starter questions but has been working well on the ‘C’ questions, making very few mistakes which she has corrected. Scrolling to the right would reveal which question she repeated.

In terms of the whole class of 18 students (most are not shown in the image above):

  • The class did well on the ‘A’ starter questions. Only half the class managed to answer all ten questions, as shown by the vertical bars under the question numbers.
  • Question ‘B3′ caused problems for around half the class. Hovering over the question number (or clicking if you are using a tablet) will show you a preview of the question.


  • Clicking on the question will show you detailed responses from each student. In this lesson the teacher used the wrong answers as the starting point for a class discussion about the mistakes people made.
  • Question B3 was answered much more successfully after teacher intervention.
  • As the ‘B’ questions got harder, the success rate of the class decreased.

Students’ view of their progress

We have introduced this improved progress view to the Imvoto Learn student app. This means students can see a full history of their success on each question of an assessment.