What is a collection?

A collection is a group of questions.  Collections allow you to ask students more than one question in a row.

The Collections tab shows all of the collections you have created so far. It also allows you to see collections that other teachers have created. As you plan new collections they will appear in this list.



You can use the search box to quickly find collections you’ve already written. You’ll also be able to discover and use collections written and published by other teachers. Use the filters to view your own collections and sort by popular and recent.

Viewing a collection and asking students its questions

You can view collections that other teachers have written. Click/tap on a collection to read the questions it contains. As long as you are signed in as a teacher, you will also see correct answers for each question.

another collection


When you have found a collection you want to use with your students, select Ask students to start an assessment. Read more about how to teach your new assessment.

Deleting and editing collections

If you view a collection that you have written, you have the option to delete or edit it.

own collection

Read more about planning collections to find out how to add questions to one of your collections.