Plan your collection

See also What is a collection

This the creative heart of the Imvoto: where you can write new questions or find other teachers’ questions to build collections you will use with your students.

Whether you create a new collection or edit an existing one, this screen is where you will start. In the example below we are looking at an existing collection made up of 8 questions.

plan landing

Navigating through a collection

The icons shown below are used to navigate between questions and question sets. We call this the hierarchy.


plan nav

This collection consists of two question sets. The first, called Finding sums of series, is question set A. It consists of five questions, A1, A2, up to A5. To look in more detail at a question, click on its icon.

You can also quickly add a new question or question set by clicking on the + icons. Alternatively you can use the buttons below.

plan nav buttons

The left and right arrows allow you to navigate between questions and question sets. The hide hierarchy button makes the hierarchy view disappear: this can be useful when writing longer questions.

Blank collections

Initially your collection will be empty and you won’t see the hierarchy. You can add new questions using the buttons as described above. Alternatively, read on to learn how to add existing questions to your new collection.