Create a new group

When you click Create new group you’ll need to choose a name for this new group.

Choosing a group name

New groupNo two groups at your organisation can have the same name. Therefore, most organisations find it sensible to have names that include:

  • the year group
  • the name or abbreviation of the subject.

This avoids having a maths group and an English group both called Year 10 set 1.

Since Imvoto knows who teaches each group, there’s no requirement to have the teacher’s name as part of the group’s name.

When groups are archived, for example at the end of the year, you will be able to reuse that group’s name.

Other options

If you teach at more than one organisation, you will need to choose a parent organisation for this group from the drop down list.

If another teacher shares this group, type their name into the box. Your own name should already appear here.