Joining instructions

Let’s get your students to start answering your questions.

When you start a new assessment, the first thing you’ll see are instructions for students. Clicking on the Join tab will get you back to this screen.

teach landing


In the case of this assessment, students should open a web browser and go to Your assessment will have a different 6 digit code at the end. Fuller instructions can be seen by clicking on the detailed instructions for students link.

If you want to test your questions for yourself, you can use the same method as a student would.

Assigning assessments to students

In some cases, students won’t be in front of you to read these instructions. In cases like these, you can assign the assessment to them. To be able to do this, your pupils will need accounts. How accounts are created is described in the groups section of our user guide.

Groups: in most cases, you will assign an assessment to one or more of your groups. Do this by selecting the groups from the select menu.

Students: if you wish to assign this assessment to particular students, start typing part of their name in the box. Select the student you want from the list that appears.You can remove groups or students by clicking on the × next to their name.

When can they join?

When you start an assessment, Imvoto initially makes it accessible for a month. Students will only see the assessment in their list between the dates shown.

screenshot-localhost 8081 2014-10-31 00-12-27

If you want to set a different deadline, type the due date in the box or use the calendar/time buttons to choose the new date.