Your assessment is planned and your students can join. Here’s how to teach using Imvoto.

Congratulations: you’re ready to start teaching using Imvoto. The Questions tab shows you the questions that students will answer.

screenshot-localhost 8081 2014-10-31 00-14-47
Each question appears on its own line:

  • The icon to the left tells you the type of question
  • Each question is given a letter and number. These are assigned from the first question in the lesson downwards. Students see these question numbers on their screen.
  • Hover over the title of the question for a detailed preview of the question
  • The coloured bar shows what proportion of the group have answered that question (either correctly or incorrectly).
  • The numbers show how many pupils have answered the question correctly and how many have answered it in total.
  • The red/green switch controls whether students will be assigned this question. If a red pause symbol shows, no student will be assigned this question.

The colours in the bar match those used in other parts of Imvoto Teach:


You can inspect individual student responses to a question by clicking on its title, as described in the next section.