Individual question

The questions screen is useful to get an overview of how your group are getting on, but to look at their responses in detail click on the title of a question.

A new screen will open, initially showing the question on the left with the answer hidden to the right.

  • Status: the switch shows whether students can currently be assigned this question.
  • Answered: shows the proportion of the students working on this assessment who have answered it.
  • Correct: initially hidden

The Show button next to Correct allows you to see the correct answer and also what proportion of students got this question correct. 2014-10-31 00-30-31

The correct bar now shows that 4 students gave the correct answer of 134 on their first attempt. (Two or three more got it correct on a subsequent attempt. At least one student still has never got it correct.) The colours are as below:



The View options buttons allow you to see student responses in a number of formats. Which buttons are shown will depend on the type of the question.

Responses: shows each response along with (optionally) the students’ name. Click the Show button to show student names. 2014-10-31 00-34-45

Bar chart: shows a bar chart featuring the most popular answers. 2014-10-31 00-36-41Carousel: for text answers, shows each response in a large font suitable for projection. Use the arrow buttons or the dots to navigate. 2014-10-31 00-38-42

Images: shows any photographs that students have submitted with their answer. Click on these to make them larger.

Some visualisations highlight which responses are correct using colour. If you want to discuss these visualisations without revealing which responses are correct, first use the Hide button next to Correct.

Future visualisations

We’ve got lots more visualisations of student responses in the pipeline. But do let us know if there’s a way of looking at student responses you’re keen to see. We’ll also be explaining soon how you can build your own by connecting to the Imvoto API (perhaps something for your ICT teachers to set students as a project?).

Moving between questions

The Previous and Next buttons can be used to move quickly to student responses to another question.

Note that the current visualisation will be automatically updated to show the responses to the new question. If you want to discuss the new question with a group before revealing their responses, click Clear first to hide the visualisation.