Getting started with Imvoto

In this chapter


Every page of Imvoto has navigation links at the top.


The navigation at the top will link you to:

  • Questions. These are individual questions. You can ask your students these directly, or group them with other questions into a collection.
  • Collections. These are questions that have been grouped together, perhaps for use as a lesson, a test or a homework task. Read about collections here.
  • My assessments Once you have assigned a question or collection to your students, you can see how they are getting on here.
  • My groups. View/Add/Edit your teaching groups. Read about groups here
  • Signed in as [Your name] View your profile
  • Help menu contains the following …

    • Student mode See your assessments as they would appear to students
    • Help links to the knowledge base, your feedback and articles
    • Sign out

Sign in

To enter and start using Imvoto you need to sign in.


If you have a username and password, go to the Imvoto homepage and sign in.

nav logged out

If you do not have an account, register.


You will need an Imvoto teacher account to be able to assign questions to your students. If you do not have a username and password, go to the Imvoto homepage and register for free.

teacher student choice

After choosing I am a teacher, you can set up your account. If you’d rather provide these details later, you can skip this and continue as a guest teacher.

teacher register

As a guest you’ll be able to use most of the features of Imvoto: have a look around and see how it can benefit your students. You can complete registration later using the link at the top of the screen.

complete registration

Once we have validated your registration and set you up an account, we’ll send you an email with sign in details.