Understand collections and assessments

What is an assessment?

There are a couple of concepts you’ll need to get to grips with to make the most from Imvoto.

The first is the distinction between what we call collections and assessments.

When you create a collection of questions on a particular topic, you have made an collection. For example, I have a collection called Circle theorems which consists of all of the questions I use on that topic.

Once created, you may use a single collection many times. Each time you use a collection with a group of students, you have created an assessment.

For example, I’ve used my Circle theorems collection with a number of different groups, including using it twice with some groups for revision

Think of a collection as a worksheet with a mix of questions on a topic: you have an original you use time and again, copying it anew for each group that uses it.

What is a collection?

A collection is a group of questions.  Collections allow you to ask students more than one question in a row.

The Collections tab shows all of the collections you have created so far. It also allows you to see collections that other teachers have created. As you plan new collections they will appear in this list.



You can use the search box to quickly find collections you’ve already written. You’ll also be able to discover and use collections written and published by other teachers. Use the filters to view your own collections and sort by popular and recent.

Viewing a collection and asking students its questions

You can view collections that other teachers have written. Click/tap on a collection to read the questions it contains. As long as you are signed in as a teacher, you will also see correct answers for each question.

another collection


When you have found a collection you want to use with your students, select Ask students to start an assessment. Read more about how to teach your new assessment.

Deleting and editing collections

If you view a collection that you have written, you have the option to delete or edit it.

own collection

Read more about planning collections to find out how to add questions to one of your collections.

Create a new collection

If you don’t find a collection of questions that is perfect for your pupils, you can create your own. You can write brand new questions, or reuse questions written by other teachers.

Let’s get you started creating your first collection.

collection nav

The New collection button will begin the process of creating a blank collection. You’ll be able to add new questions to this collection, or reuse questions you (or other teachers) have already written.

You’ll first need to decide what to call this collection. Give your collection a name, then you can begin planning your new collection.

Your assessments

The Assessments tab shows you a list of each assessment you have used with students. In the example below, you can see two of my assessments that I’ve used with my Year 10 statistics group.

assessments landing

Next to each assessment, you’ll see:

  • a label showing the group(s) who can join the assessment.
  • a coloured bar showing the proportion of questions that have been answered (and whether they’ve been answered correctly)
  • the date you started the assessment

Clicking on the title of the assessment will open the Imvoto teach tool, where you can take control of teaching the assessment.

You can also look at assessments you have used in the past to analyse student responses to questions. Use the search tool to help you find old assessments.